Range Observations

Let’s try “Range Observations” as a title for these things. And since there’ll be a bunch of them, how to delinate them? Well, I’ll figure it out.

I spent the morning at KR Training helping with Defensive Pistol Skills 2. But, I left after that. The plan was to be there all day helping with all 3 classes but I was able to leave early because 1. some students dropped at the last minute so headcount was down 2. we had some additional helpers show up that I didn’t originally expect to see, so 3. that made the ratios a little better and things able to be handled so… I was able to come home early and tend to other important family matters. So, thank you to Karl, John, Tom, Brian, and Steve for letting me bail early.


So what did I see in DPS2?

First, I’m still pleased as punch to see a few more women showing up for more advanced training, especially gunfighting-type training. Saw some come in for the Force-on-Force scenarios as well, which is great!

Second, to all the students in class? Of course, practice the things we taught in class, like malfunction clearing, reloads, scanning, use of cover/concealment… all that good stuff. But more than that? Continue to work on your fundamentals: trigger control, sight alignment (and remembering to USE the sights, don’t just throw the gun out there and spray and pray), presentation, all that good and fundamental stuff. Slow down, work to get good hits. Remember: unacceptable hits are just that: unacceptable. I’d rather you be a half second slower and get acceptable hits, because in the long run you’ll be faster.

The fundamentals will always be where it’s at. Work on the new stuff, it’s important, but always focus on the fundamentals and devote time to constant improvement of those.

And don’t forget…. SCAN! SCAN! SCAN!