Why I carry on both sides

Via Unc, a discussion of carrying a folding knife on the weak-hand side.

He lists very good reasons for carrying that way, but I say why limit yourself to one side or the other?

Carry both.

I carry two Spyderco Delicas, one clipped inside of each front pants pocket. They are set up in the same way, tip-up carry, clip on the same side. Not sure how to describe which side and orientation the clip has, so here’s a picture:

Of course, the only picture I have doesn’t show the clips but…they are on the other side of the body, with the clip fastened to the bottom end…. so when closed, the blade tip and clip “screws” meet. Allows tip-up carry. You can figure it out. 🙂

And then, one into each pocket.

What this allows is access to a blade by either hand, either side. And to work the knife is consistent for each hand. So if the right hand gets the knife on the right side, it’s a simple motion to open the knife. If the right hand reaches for the left knife, the orientation remains the same and opens the same. The left hand only requires a small rotation of the knife in the hand, but it’s the same rotation regardless of knife.

This way, I have no limits. Any hand, any side, any blade.

For those that carry only one knife on one side (either side), what if you can’t get to that side when you need your knife? What will you do?

You can also argue the “2 is 1, 1 is none” angle. Of course, I have 3 if you count the Leatherman.

To me, these are useful everyday tools. Heck, I used my Leatherman Wave’s wire cutters a few days ago to trim a couple stray branches off our barbados cherry bushes where they were overhanging into the sidewalk. I use the Delica’s every day for things like opening letters. I know some say if it’s a knife for fighting you shouldn’t use it, keep it clean, sharp, ready. I say, I can clean and sharpen my knife, and every time I take the knife out to use it to open a letter that’s another repetition at drawing and opening to keep me in practice.

To carry two comes from Insights Training Center and their Defensive Folding Knife class.

4 thoughts on “Why I carry on both sides

  1. I have a hard time carrying that way on the left side – I seem to have a talent for managing to open knives in my pockets if the blade is oriented toward the inside of the pocket (like your left side knife would be). I’ve cut myself reasonably badly a couple of times that way 😦

    I could put the left side knife in my back left pocket – that does make it kinda hard to reach with the right hand, though. Or, I could flip the clip around and carry left front pocket, and just have to figure out how to manipulate it with the other hand. Haven’t decided which way to go, yet, but I have two matching knives when I figure it out (Spyderco Natives, in my case)

    • Sounds like a personal problem, Dave. 😉

      But yes, I can see how that would be mighty discouraging for you. There’s a solution tho, just a matter of finding it.

  2. I stopped carrying a second knife, my pants were getting to heavy to wear… On a daily basis I’m carrying my knife, gun, and flashlight. The flashlight actually being the most used tool of them all. I wasn’t willing to start carrying gear on my belt, I’m not Batman. ;0)

    If I end up in a situation where I need a weapon and can’t get to my knife or gun, I’ll have to improvise, fall back on my martial arts training, or just use my flashlight.

    At the end of the day I believe it is up to the individual to determine what works for them. After a couple of months of trial, dual knives was not practical for me.

    • Indeed. It’s whatever works for everyone because everyone’s situation is different. Last weekend’s classes, there was a mom with 3 small kids in the class… and her carry and defense options were different from most due to the context of the kids (e.g. a baby in one of those “facing front” harnesses on your chest changes things, like no ability to cross-draw).

      Gotta find what works for you.

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