on Occupying….

I’ve generally refrained from commenting on the whole “occupy” movement because… what’s there to comment on?

Oh sure, there’s been a lot of little stuff that’s generally made me groan. For instance, double-standards like a city government being hostile to groups like the Tea Party, but then catering to Occupy. Seeing Occupiers blind to their own hypocrisy. I love how they’ve been demanding free food, like people owe it to them, but many of them believe they are owed. Then there are people bringing them free food… but what about people who could actually use free food? There’s lots of hungry and homeless out there; where is the compassion for them? The ones that holler for more government control, that corporations are evil, that lean towards Socialism… then when Bank of America behaves badly they all pull their money out and take it elsewhere… you know, like any good free market capitalist would do. They turn to the government to solve their problems, but at the same time say the government is causing the problems. They think it’s wrong for corporations to make political contributions, but then switch their business to corporations that make political contributions… but it’s ok, because they’re “left” contributions. So, evil’s alright, if it’s the evil I agree with. To constantly mix messages and make themselves come off like a bunch of fruitcakes… you know, like they did to the Tea Partiers. Pot, kettle, black.

I could go on.


So… let’s shove all that annoyingness aside.

As I sit back and observe what’s going on, it’s all very simple.

They’re angry.

Just like the Tea Party folks.

Oh sure, there are differences in the nuances of their anger, but really, their anger is pretty much the same. They are two groups that are seeing how the world is going and do not like the direction of it. The Tea Party folk see the government side of it, the Occupiers see the Big Corporate Money side of it… but they’re just 2 heads of the same hydra.

Yeoman, over at The Hall of Manly Excellence, wrote a love letter, which pretty much sums it up for me.

Our government, the most powerful corporation in the history of humanity, is no longer in the business of preventing groups of people from enforcing their wills upon one another. We have traded our liberty for wish fulfillment backed up by the government monopoly on violence. From their various lists of demands it would appear that the Occupiers want to remove the advantages given to some groups while increasing the advantages provided to other groups. If any Occupiers read this, I hope you’ll decide instead that our government needs to get out of the political favoritism business altogether and get back to the business of defending individual liberty. Pretty please with organic trail mix on top.

Go read the whole thing.

The sad part is, I’m not sure anything is going to change. The Almighty Obama was to be The ChOsen One to bring Hope and Change… but come on people, he’s a politician like any other. New boss, worse than the old boss, but still the same sort of boss. He didn’t bring and good change, he dashed a lot of hopes, and demonstrated that he’s as much a scumbag as most every other politician out there.

Pay attention, folks, because your favorite politician is likely perpetuating the very evil you’re rallying against. Do your homework.

But what bothers me more? Y’all are going to vote for them again.

And so, nothing will change.

The difficult part is, our current system doesn’t allow for a better alternative. We can’t vote for “none of the above”. We can’t cast votes of no-confidence. If all we have to choose from is a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich, it’s a guarantee we’ll get one of them and things will continue to suck.

I think the biggest change I’d like to see? Direct responsibility. If I screw up in life, be it in my personal life, my family life, my job, my company, whatever… I am responsible. Bad decisions hold direct and painful consequences for me, so I’m highly motivated to make good decisions. I’d like to see public officials held directly responsible for their actions. Be it a Congressman, a Senator, a President, a police officer, whatever. Maybe we’ll see less knee-jerk legislation. Maybe we’ll see them actually read things. Maybe we’ll see a lot less bullshit going on, if they know a screw-up means their ass in a sling.

I can dream…

6 thoughts on “on Occupying….

    • I’m not sure it’s just for corporations… it’s for the financially and politically connected, the cronies, the friends, the favors, the backscratching, the selfish empowerment and building of their own little kingdoms…. I mean, we vote them out of office, so what? they become lobbyists, they write books, the consult… they still greatly influence and participate in the same circles and games. And it just gets worse.

      So, it can include the corps, but it goes beyond them as well.

      What say we trim the size, reach, and “power” of the government way down…. that’ll help too. Have the people do things, not have the government do it for them. Then, we’ll be for, by, and of the people.

      We agree… specifics perhaps we disagree, but fundamentally we agree. 🙂

    • Maybe.

      I think term limits would be a reasonable step, but it still doesn’t really solve things because again, they just go on to other positions but remain “in the circle”… and really nothing changes.

  1. “What say we trim the size, reach, and “power” of the government way down…. that’ll help too.”

    That’s it in a nutshell; the government has grown to big and unwieldy. It has progressed from a symbiote to a parasite.

    “The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government.”
    — Gaius Cornelius Tacitus

    “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

    • But people don’t seem to get that… which bothers me. And it’s more bothersome that many of these people that are currently upset at “corporate evil” demand more government to solve every problem, yet that’s causing the very corporate evil they are rallying against. So, we think X is evil, but we want more evil. I don’t understand how they don’t see that.

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