Every Friday we pick up our veggie box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden. Yes, still going strong, still enjoying it. But that’s a topic for another post.

Maybe it’s the engineer in me….

The veggies come in a thick, sturdy, wax-coated box. Makes good sense, and given their durability (and cost to produce), JBG likes to keep the boxes to reuse them. No problems there. We pick up our box, take it home, and bring the empty box back next week. Works fine.

We see many of the other people who come to pick up their veggies bringing bags (reusable cloth type). They stay at the pick-up place, move all the veggies from the box to their bag, then take the bag home (leaving the box). I guess that works but…

Box –> Fridge

Box –> Bag –> Fridge

The extra step doesn’t make sense to me. Doesn’t seem very efficient. More work. More time.

Sometimes I think too much about stuff…. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Efficiency

  1. Yes and no. Its not THAT drastic an extra step, and its probly what I’d do, if only cause I’d not be able to promise to return the box (I have a puppy who’d be convinced it was his)

    • I figure there’s got to be a non-obvious reason for it. Like in your case, the dog would destroy the box.

      I’ve thought about asking….

  2. I can carry many bags with handles at the same time. I’m pretty much limited to one box.

    Many bags can be stored in the volume of one box.

    • All true, and generally speaking, good points. In this particular situation tho, it’s one small box with finite, known contents. It’s not like going to the grocery store where there’s potential for unlimited take-home.

      • A single bag can be hung from a hook in your vehicle and freely swing in response to acceleration without tipping and spilling the contents.

          • A box might rest on the floor of _your_ vehicle, but my vehicle exists in a perpetual state of lateral acceleration in excess of 1.7g. (It is stuck to the wall of my garage right now, in fact)

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