The KRT-1 Target is now available

Finally, we can reveal it to the world!

The KRT-1 target.

The KR Training instructor crew spent quite a while hashing this out, designing, revising, arguing, testing. But finally it’s here, available from Law Enforcement Targets.

If you go to LE Target’s website you’ll see tons of targets already in existence. Why in the world create another one?

The main reason? it fits on 18″ target frames, the same frames used for IPSC and IDPA targets. These are the frames we use at KR Training.

With few exceptions, most targets are designed to fit on 24″ frames. There are lots of useful targets, but when you put a 24″ target on an 18″ frame, the uprights won’t last long, nor will your training session (and it doesn’t help towards keeping cost and maintenance issues down either).

We designed a target that could be used for the KR Training curriculum, from defensive pistol training, to competition, command work, group shooting, you name it. It’s rather versatile. It has A and B zones that map to head and chest areas; and the numbered, colored shapes can be used for many drills. It includes two sight in areas with 1″ grid marks.

Of course, we hope this will be useful to shooters around the world, especially those similarly frustrated by using 24″ targets on 18″ stands. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The KRT-1 Target is now available

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    • If I remember correctly, that’s what spurred the whole thing on. We love command targets (like the PDT,, but as we looked around at all possible good command targets they were all 24″ and that leads to a lot of practical problems when you use 18″ stands (like the standard IPSC/IPDA stuff). So instead of trying to struggle with it, let’s just solve the problem. The KRT-1 was created. 🙂

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