5 years, and still no blood in the streets

Nearly five years ago, Nebraska’s concealed carry law went into effect.

Over 15,000 permits.

Of course, any time laws like this are being debated, anti’s come out saying how this isn’t the Wild Wild West, how if regular citizens are allowed to carry guns that everyone will solve their problems with the gun and there will be blood flowing in the streets, etc. etc. etc..

And it never happens.

So far so good. The Grand Island Police Department told News 5 they have not encountered any issues with concealed weapon permits since the law went into effect in 2007.

Steve-“I’m unaware of any issues that we’ve had with them,” said Grand Island Police Chief Steve Lamken.

So once again, the data piles up… just more data for anti-gunners to ignore.

(And Omaha still needs to clear up it’s problematic legal situation)

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