Lessons from Tiger Valley’s latest Bug Out Drill

I’ve wanted to take training classes at Tiger Valley for some time now. The only reason I haven’t is due to scheduling, but someday that will change.

Meantime, I subscribe to their newsletter, and their October 2011 issue had a recap of their recent “bug out drill”. Unfortunately that issue doesn’t appear to be online. However, because I’ve been recently concerned with the notion of “bug out”, creating bags, and so on, I thought the list of observations from the Tiger Valley drill were useful and applicable:

  • Don’t throw your $1000 rifle over an 8 foot wall. Yes, some rifles survived it, but if your rifle didn’t it could cost you your life in a real situation. Your weapon is your life.
  • If it didn’t work for you the first time, repeating the event is likely only to have the same outcome. Try something different. What else do I have in my pack that I might accomplish the same goal with?
  • I can save money in lots of places but shoes aren’t one of them.
  • Weight can kill your ability to perform. Evaluate and condense.
  • Technique is as valuable as brute strength. If you have proper technique you don’t have to muscle your way over and obstacle. Muscles give out, techniques don’t.
  • Have a medical kit that is complete.
  • In years past we have asked competitors to show that they can purify water. We would typically see coffee filters or at best iodine tablets. This year we made up some phony pond water and told them they had to drink the water they purified. Some had the tablets but nothing to purify the water in. It’s not a good idea to contaminate your hydration system with dirty pond water. Some had systems that required four hours for the tablets to take effect. That’s just what I want when I’m dehydrated.
  • Get a zero and know where it is at all distances you will shoot. We had some good groups but some were out of the “A” zone.
  • Train for the uncomfortable event. Practicing what you do well won’t help you in a real situation that doesn’t come easy. Practice what you don’t do well.

Some of these things may not apply to your concept of bug-out, but there’s still wisdom to be taken here.

One thought on “Lessons from Tiger Valley’s latest Bug Out Drill

  1. I heard about a grapple, or ‘bat claw’ that worked very well getting over the obstacles.
    Tried to google, but can’t seem to come up with a product.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks, …

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