Attacked in his own home – lessons to learn

A man was attacked in his own home by two men armed with knives: (h/t to LowTechCombat’s FB page)


A man was attacked with a knife in his own home, police said. […] The 52-year-old found two strangers in his hallway. When he confronted them, one of them struck him with a knife. Police said they think it is a case of mistaken identity. The two men then left the house and the injured man alerted emergency services. […] Detective Constable Nick Gribben, at Pollok CID, said: “This would appear to be a totally unprovoked attack on an innocent man.



Scary eh?

I found a BBC report that seems to be the same, with the only added detail that the man was home when he heard a noise and went to investigate.

To me, the lesson is preparedness.

My first thought was, the man was out of his home, the thugs broke in, and when the man returned home he was attacked. Many people are all into the notion of home defense, but it’s curious why that doesn’t extend into personal defense. The fact is, most attacks occur outside the home, so all your “home defense shotgun” stuff doesn’t do you much good in the parking lot of the shopping mall. Then, if the attacker is already in your home, what good does the shotgun do you if you can’t get to it when you need it?

But since the man was home, he went to investigate and wasn’t prepared for what he found. Granted, most of us don’t expect to find someone else in our home like this, but that’s what being prepared is about.

A solution in both cases? Like Tom Givens says, “carry your damn gun, people!” If it’s on you, it’s there when you need it. Because the reality is, you don’t get an invitation with an R.S.V.P. weeks in advance to when you’ll be attacked. It will be sudden, unexpected, and a surprise.

It’s a shame tho. This gentleman was in the UK…. a country that now puts the rights of criminals above those of the good citizenry, that empowers thieves and robbers and cripples the law-abiding.


2 thoughts on “Attacked in his own home – lessons to learn

    • I know. It’s a shame.

      That calls for 2 things: 1. working on the politicians to fix it, 2. finding a suitable replacement in the meantime… even if it’s carrying a knife yourself. Which of course, you can’t do…. good people in the UK can’t be anything but victims now. It’s sad.

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