Duckling rescue

Kiddos and I just rescued two ducklings.

They were born about a month ago in the neighborhood. Generally doing fine. A couple of weeks ago we noticed Momma wasn’t around as much, and every day she was around a little less. It got to a point where the ducklings were alone most of the time or perhaps tagging along after a couple random drakes.

Last night a neighborhood child came up to me to tell me about the “one-legged duck”. Eh? Investigated and sure enough, one of the ducklings was dragging its left leg. After thinking about what to do and speaking with the folks at the Austin Wildlife Rescue, I decided to take the ducklings in. We caught them, kept them in the garage last night, and today took them over there. They’ll be transferred to their duck rehabber, who has a lot of land and huge pond where they can get better. In fact, the injured duckling seemed to be doing a little better this morning, so maybe just staying off the leg along with some swimming will take care of things.

This is the third time we’ve done a duck rescue, so I guess being an Aggie household, this is officially tradition. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Duckling rescue

  1. We’ve rescued a few things out of the yard and neighborhood, at this point, including a baby opossum that’d gotten hung up in our fence… Turtles and a crayfish… A couple of wayward snakes… And a small kitten who, if he’d gotten next door into my neighbor’s yard, would’ve been mere fluff… Good stuff… 😉

    • I won’t rescue snakes, per se. I want them to stick around. Usually we find big Texas Rat Snakes in our yard, and so long as they’re doing fine I WANT them around. It’s a shame tho, because they have a patterning that can be easily mistaken for a rattler, so a lot of people kill them.

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