Firearms Safety videos

MidwayUSA just released a bunch of their own firearms safety videos.

I appreciate what they did. It’s a bunch of short videos that cover specific safety topics.

I will take them to task for their basic safety video, because Larry Potterfield provides his own take on “the rules” instead of adopting established rulesets like the NRA’s 3 fundamental rules. You might want to nitpick about it all, but there’s much careful crafting behind that ruleset, its ordering, its word choice, every subtle detail. Minding that ruleset and all it means leaves no room for error or “well what if” or other wiggle-room situations. The way Larry phrases things, it leaves something to be desired. But, I’ll take my instructor-hat off now.

I like that he covers non-typical topics like “what not to shoot at”, “know your target”, and dealing with 12 vs. 20 gauge shotgun shells. The videos are well-produced. Introduction, small overview, detailed discussion using the power of video to illustrate and reinforce, summarize, and that’s the way it is. Very digestible.

I think the best part is the tagline they’re using: “Firearm safety is YOUR responsibility.” Because it’s not about wacky devices, it’s about you.

I applaud MidwayUSA’s efforts here.

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