HB 681 – time to be heard, Rep. Workman

HB 681 (Relating to an employee’s transportation and storage of certain firearms or ammunition while on certain property owned or controlled by the employee’s employer) is scheduled to be heard by the Texas House Committee on Business and Industry on Monday February 28, 2011.

Alright Paul Workman. You are my representative. You also sit on the Business and Industry Committee. You received an A grade from the NRA (and the TSRA), which I know helped you get elected. I’ve written you on other issues, but haven’t heard anything (sad, given how Valinda Bolton, who you beat, was very responsive). I just wrote you on this issue urging you not only to quickly pass the bill as written, but to also sign on as a co-author.

We are watching. And yes, we will remember when it comes time to vote again… or when you ask for campaign contributions… or otherwise generally go about your business. Remember, you were elected to represent us and do our bidding.

Updated: Good news everyone! Looks like Rep. Workman JUST signed on as a co-author. I checked the HB 681 co-authors page before writing this entry and his name wasn’t there. But it is now. And the date next to his name is today (2/23/2011) so he literally just signed on.


2 thoughts on “HB 681 – time to be heard, Rep. Workman

  1. IT’S ABOUT TIME! I emailed Paul Workman in late January about signing on as a co-author after meeting him at an NRA event. No reply. One of his former campaign helpers, Jennifer Harris, responded she no longer worked for Paul and I should contact Stuart Moss. I received a note from Stuart on the 7th of February:

    Rep. Workman support HB 681 and HB 750 for CHL holders.


    J. Stuart Moss
    Legislative Director
    Office of State Representative Paul Workman
    (512) 463-0652

    Again I poked about signing on a co-author. I’m very surprised it took so long and there wasn’t any kind of direct response.

    • Yeah, I’m a little surprised too. But well… maybe he’s still getting his act together; he is a Freshman after all and may just still be getting the hang of it all. I do hope he improves because, like I said, his predecessor was very responsive. While I didn’t care for her political platform, she was very engaging and responsive and I always appreciated that about her.

      But anyways, looks like Workman also officially signed on as a co-author for HB 750. So, good deal.

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