Excellent use for old cell phones

I knew that old cell phones, plan or not, still had to be able to call through to 911. A Good Thing™ for sure.

Linoge took the logical step.

Put it on a timer. It’s one of those things where you slap yourself on the forehead for not thinking of it yourself. Makes perfect sense because it keeps the phone powered up, keeps the battery “moving”, but doesn’t make for a constant drain. And if you’ve got a bunch of old phones, scatter them about in your “safe areas” and other “hunker-down” spots so there’s certainly a phone where you need it for when you need it.

Of course, do check them. Old phones could have batteries at the end of their life. One hour a day may not be enough to keep them working. Do check them from time to time to ensure they are working and holding a charge. etc..

Nice tip!

2 thoughts on “Excellent use for old cell phones

  1. Hey, considering the number of “Why did I not think of that?” moments I have had, it was my turn ;). And, yeah, adjustments will have to be made based on situations and equipment, but the basic premise of being able to “phone home” should the situation necessitate it is the real take-away – however you accomplish that, do so.

    • Amen to that.

      We’ve been throwing around the notion of getting rid of our landlines and going pure mobile, but one nagging bit has been the “what if”…. that say the kids are home alone for a bit while we ran to the store, then they needed to call, not just for an emergency but even just to say “hey, pick up some ice cream too” or something. So, of course your solution doesn’t solve the ice cream situation, but at least it can help with the emergency situation.

      Lots of things to think about.

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