Mossberg Shotguns and drop safety

I have a Mossberg 500 shotgun.

I wanted to know if it was drop-safe.

I turn to Mossberg’s website; I see nothing there addressing the matter.

I turn to Google. A mixed bag of results where the only the conclusion is: no one knows but everyone thinks they do. It also makes you realize that no one took the time and effort to go to the horse’s mouth and find out. Well, I found one guy that did, but he sent an email, didn’t word it right, and due to that wording he didn’t really get the question answered.

Time to pick up the phone.

I sat on hold for a while. A long while. Man… their hold music is… terrible. 🙂

But once I got someone on the phone, I asked if their shotguns are drop safe. Yes they are. All of them, across their entire line. I asked “so I have one in the pipe and drop it on the concrete from 3-4′ up and it’ll be fine? won’t fire?” “Yes, sir”.

So there you go. At least today, according to the rep that I spoke with on the phone, all Mossberg shotguns are drop safe.

3 thoughts on “Mossberg Shotguns and drop safety

  1. Maybe a little real world testing would be worth more than the anonymous assurance of a phone call. A primed case would be a relatively safe way to load the shotgun for dropping. Then a few hundred drops from varying heights at all sorts of angles onto different materials, dirt, wood, concrete, etc.

    If at the end of it you have still have an hull with a live primer and a usable, if dinged up shotgun, post a report. Box O’ Truth might test it for you, he does all sorts of gun testing where he decides that real world tests are the only way to learn how something really performs.

    • An interesting idea. If I had shotgun shell reloading equipment and could just prime a bunch of hulls…. and of course, if I had time.

      But yeah, maybe Old Painless might be willing…

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