A couple things to add to the previous range posts.

Shotgun stuff.

In my shotgun ammo trials, I was most impressed with the performance of Federal Tactical buckshot (9 pellet 00 buck, reduced recoil). I was curious if the results of any gelt tests were available. Sure enough, there are.

Federal publishes a PDF that provides data on their various law-enforcement loads. There’s gel tests, and gel shooting into bare, through heavy clothing, glass, steel, plywood, wallboard. They also show patterning at 20 and 30 yards. Results there were consistent with what I experienced, including that the full-power load generates slightly larger patterns at longer distances than does the reduced load. Since I’m using a pump shotgun in a home-defense situation, I’ll be just fine for my needs with the reduced recoil 9 pellet buckshot (LE132 00).

Other Stuff

Jay sent me a few pictures he took of me shooting during our recent range day. Here I am shooting his Winchester 94 .30-30 lever-action. Man, that’s a fun rifle.

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    • Yeah, I noticed that too. I was figuring either the camera or maybe something with the light and picking things up at just the right angle.

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