Nice boobs, but….

Ladies. A friendly tip.

You may be blessed with an ample bosom. You may enjoy wearing clothing that shows off your cleavage.

That’s all well and good… unless you’re at the gun range.

Nothing says “poor wardrobe choice” like getting a hot piece of brass stuck between your boobs.

As well, it leaves a mark, it hurts, and you can’t do much to control the muzzle of that gun in your hands while you do the “hot brass dance.”

Wear a top that closes around your neck. Your boobs thank you… as well as the guy in the next stall (me) that doesn’t like loaded guns pointed at him.

21 thoughts on “Nice boobs, but….

  1. I was about going to say that the “hot brass” dance is always somewhat entertaining (from the perverse, “saw that coming” perspective), but, yeah, the inevitable Rule 2 violation kind of sucks the entertainment right out of the situation…

    • I don’t deny it can be entertaining. And even with proper clothing it can still happen. But wearing such clothing to the gun range tells you they don’t “get it” and so rule violations seem inevitable… brass dance or not. *sigh*

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    • It all depends HOW exactly you do it. But I mean, I’ve caught a piece of brass in my safety glasses… they came in at just the right angle. But then as well, I’ve avoided hot brass down the back of my shirt because my hair was in a pony tail (see ladies? I can relate in some ways).

      So it just all depends… but generally speaking, exposed boobs are a magnet for hot brass. 🙂

  5. Greetings from Falls County,
    Excellent post. I have actually seen this happen, and watched for flat on the deck. Hot brass down the back of one’s shirt isn’t much fun either. This is why the Good Lord inspierd the creation of revolvers.

      • I was going to say, come over to the dark side. We have smooth double action and no hot brass.

        Honestly there are few things I hate more at the range than the guy whose semi-auto ejects at *just* the right angle to smack you in the side of the head in the next lane over.

        • I recall during my first CHL test, the guy to my left’s brass kept ejecting perfectly into the side of my face. Every time. It was nice to see he had such a reliable extractor. 🙂

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  7. The ever-indulgent wife keeps *two* bandannas in her range bag – one as a loaner.

    A simple bandanna tied around the neck does indeed work just like shingles and send hot brass rolling off the front of the slope.

    I’ve had hot brass catch in my safety glasses and also caught one in my shirt pocket – yet another unforeseen hazard.

  8. I have seen this happen at a AZ state national match. Lady to my left would cuss, shoot, cuss, shoot, cuss, shoot. Then when the string of timed fire was over, off came everything, while she plucked it off. Only later did she realize that she had nothing from the gunbelt on up. Was no rule 2 violation. But very highly entertaining.

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