Drought + wind = high fire conditions

Most people associate “drought” with “summer”. They think because it’s cold out right now, we don’t have “drought conditions.”

But folks, drought means lack of water. We haven’t had any good rains in Central Texas in some time… we haven’t even had a poor rain. Just no rain.

I watch Sasha run around in the back yard… kicking up dust. If she tries to dig a hole, she’s rifling through loose dust. There’s no moisture.

Couple this extreme dryness with all the high gusty winds we’ve been having? That’s a recipe for fire danger.

I’m saying this because I know people love their fireworks. As we approach Christmas and New Year’s, I know people are going to want to shoot off fireworks.

All I’m asking is for people to think — just a little bit — about coupling fireworks, wind, and extreme dry conditions. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. “Oh, I’m safe” and maybe you are, but shit happens. If you’ve never seen how fast a fire can spread, you’ll just have to trust me that you won’t be able to keep it under control. I don’t want to put a damper on people’s fun, but an out of control fire, someone’s house burning down, getting charged for a crime due to the use of illegal fireworks and things burning… well, that’s going to be a lot less fun, isn’t it?

Be safe.

2 thoughts on “Drought + wind = high fire conditions

  1. Very good advice. I live in Central Texas too and was driving down a back country road stirring up lots of dust. When a neighbor drove by it was like a white out.

    • Yup. It’s pretty bad. People tend to associate drought with summer, so they’re tend to not thing that we can be in winter and have drought. But drought we have… and it’s pretty bad. 😦

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