.300 AAC Blackout tests

I’ve written about the .300 AAC Blackout before. A very interesting round to say the least.

Over at TacticalGunReview.com they’ve got some testing results performed by Bill Wilson.


“Bobcat at 40yds, amazing based on the exit wound we had good bullet expansion, 172# sow taken at 85yds, both with 130gr TTSX at 2050fps MV, one shot DRT with massive spine/lung damage on hog. It’s like shooting a pop gun, minimal report and no recoil………………. We’re going to shoot several bullets into the hog in the am and recover some bullets to see what kind of expansion we’re getting.”



It’s not going to be any sort of long-range round, but it seems effective on smaller to medium sized game with mild impact on the shooter. Promising! Read the whole article for full analysis.


One thought on “.300 AAC Blackout tests

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