More M&P blarg

Continuing from my previous blarg on the S&W M&P

Earlier this afternoon I started a dry fire session. While doing so I noticed along the side of my trigger finger a callus. There’s only one way the skin in that area could be callused: it’s rubbing the frame. I hypothesized it, and I think the callus is pretty good supporting evidence. So yes, if the M&P gives me enough clearance for my fingers, good sign.

I looked at the S&W website a bit. One thing I have mixed emotions on? The magazine release button. It’s reversible, but technically only one-sided. Sure, 99% of my work is my right thumb pressing the left-side button on my XD. Due to the way my fingers wrap around the gun? My left index finger can come in contact with the right-side button… and I have dropped mags. So in a way, to lose the ambi-release is good. But it’s also bad in case I might need it, say in one-handed reloading situations. So, mixed emotions here, but I think the loss will generally be an improvement.

I’m just thinking more and more about switching to the M&P. It’s just fine details at this point. I intend to shoot an M&P again soon to look further into these things.

6 thoughts on “More M&P blarg

  1. After doing the research, reading what everyone has to say, I’m going to go with an M&P.

    In .357 Sig of course. 😉

  2. I’m still trying to figure out how you can reload with one hand. I think if your dominant hand was so messed up that you couldn’t shoot with it, you’d have a hard time grabbing a magazine with it on the opposite side of your body, orienting it properly, and seating it. You’d probably have to move the gun back to your messed up dominate hand to do it.

    If you really need to drop the mag with your weak hand, just use your index finger. A lot of left-handed pistoleros have been doing that for years.

    One definite cause of semi-auto malfunctions is not having the magazine seated. Reducing the chance of accidentally hitting the mag release is a good thing, IMO.

    • One-handed reloads. There is technique.

      But yes, I’d rather NOT hit the mag release; that happened to me too many times during the Combined Skills weekend and it was frustrating being “under fire” and suddenly there goes my ammo. It’s just another muscle skill to have to remember now. That is, instead of a single motion “thumb hits button”, it’s now “right hand thumb hits button, left hand uses index finger to hit button”. So, just something different to have to train in, and not one motion for all situations.

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