Shooting at the University of Texas

So today there was an odd shooting at the University of Texas.

I say odd because, at least from reports we have so far, 19-year-old Colton Tooley took an AK-47 (and are we sure it’s an AK?), fired some shots, then went into the university library and shot and killed himself.


It didn’t seem to fit your typical “I want attention, I’ll hit up a gun-free zone, shoot people until either I’m killed or confronted and kill myself” paradigm. Death by cop. Wants attention. Sucidal. etc.

I am reading lots of opinion and speculation about the matter, and then people getting upset about speculation… and of course, everyone’s personal bias flows through.

At this point the only thing I can say is I’m puzzled, and people need to withhold speculation and filling in the gaps with their own suppositions and conclusions. We need to wait for facts to come forward. Yes, we all want to know “why?”, but we can’t be filling in those gaps with our own guesses and consider it fact. I would like to believe that more information will come to light in the coming days. Just have to be patient.

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