My happy shoulder.

When I went to the store to buy the shells for the dove hunt, on a whim I picked up a LimbSaver slip-on recoil pad.

Man, what a difference!

Right now the Mossberg 500 has the factory pad on it. I left the factory pad on and slipped the LimbSaver over it. That added an inch to the length-of-pull, and for big tall me, that in and of itself make a welcome difference. I opted to leave it that way, instead of removing the factory pad and using only the LimbSaver.

Of course, the testimony is in the shooting, and what a difference. I barely noticed the recoil. They claim it reduces muzzle jump, so that coupled with the porting on the 500’s field barrel… I can’t say I recall ever seeing the bead moving after I pulled the trigger.

I will say, the “rubber” of the LimbSaver is a little tacky, which is nice to keep the gun in place on your shoulder, but sometimes it drags on clothing as you’re moving into position. Minor issue. And of course, being a slip-on, it moves around some, but I only noticed it after the fact.

Generally impulse buys are a waste of money, but this one turned out alright. 🙂

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