2011 Star Stryker

Just received an email from Star Motorcycles announcing the release of the 2011 Star Stryker.

Wow. I gotta hand it to Yamaha. They’re really working to evolve their line of cruiser motorcycles. So we start with all the technology that went into the Roadliner/Stratoliner series (the frame, the exhaust system). That begat the Raider, which was basically a ‘Liner but with custom chopper styling out of a major-factory bike. At the same time, the V Star 1300 came along to take over the aging 1100 series, providing classic cruiser/tourer styling in a mid-line bike (and also, water-cooling). So now the Raider and the 1300 get together and form the Stryker: the frame and exhaust and styling from the Raider, the engine from the 1300.

So now you can get custom chopper-like styling, with a good engine (hey, 1300 is still pretty damn good), good handling and road performance… and a mid-level price.

Star Motorcycles is really evolving their product line and I think putting out some of the better cruiser-style bikes. But hey.. I’m biased. I own a 2006 V Star 1100 Classic. 😉

If I was in the market for a new bike, I’d be buying a Stratoliner Deluxe. But I gotta say, Mama-Yama is working their product line well.

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