AA SureFire

Check it out!

SureFire just released their first flashlight that runs on AA batteries, and it’s the E2L Outdoorsman!

I carry a SureFire E2L Outdoorsman with me all the time everywhere. It’s amazingly handy and once you start carrying a flashlight, you’ll be amazed at how much you end up using it. While the use of the 123A lithium batteries has never really been a problem for me, being able to standardize on the ubiquitous AA is very appealing (it’s one reason I like the Aimpoint Comp M4). You could use lithium AA’s to get some extra life, but in a pinch you can stick whatever in there.

Comparing the E2L AA specs vs. the E2L specs, they’re the same flashlight save for the power source. Consequently, the AA version is a smidge heavier and longer (and I assume the diameter is a little smaller). I am surprised to see that the max lumens is higher than the 123 version. And of course, runtimes vary.

Anyone want to buy me one so I can test it out the AA version against the 123 version? 🙂

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