9mm reload modifications

I have my basic 9mm plinking reload recipe. I collected some performance data on it.

I varied the bullets used. Same style of bullets (i.e. all 115 grain, all some sort of round-nose jacketed), but variances like Hornady’s version, Berry’s version, Speer’s version, Precision Delta’s version, etc..  More or less, things performed about the same, as expected, but I only tested velocity. Any accuracy work I’ve done as just been shooting them, and to date they’ve gone where I expected them to go.

I’m about to vary another factor: the primer.

I’m coming to the end of my stock of Remington 1.5 Small Pistol Primers. Other primers I have are Federal and Wolf, and a few Winchester. I expect the basic recipe will work about the same, but hey… why not work to get some hard data on it? So, that’s what I’m going to set about doing.

Here’s what I’m going to reload:

  • The base recipe
  • Base + using Precision Delta bullets
  • Base + PD bullets + Winchester primer
  • Base + PD bullets + Federal primer
  • Base + PD bullets + Wolf primer

I’ll reload 20 rounds of each iteration. I plan to shoot 10 through my XD-9 4″ and 10 through my XD-9 5″. Reason for that is the previous set of performance data did a little through both guns, so to aid comparison I ought to continue doing both. I also shot some Federal American Eagle 124 grain factory loads for comparison as that was all I had at the time, but I’d like to get another factory load that’s a little closer, say Winchester White Box; something that’s 115 grain and a target load.

When I shoot these, I’d like to set it up to shoot off the bench over the chrono and into a target. That way I can be steady, get velocity, and get accuracy readings. But I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to set this up at the range. If I can’t do that, it may have to be 5 over the chrono and 5 into the target. We’ll see. I’ll hope for the best.

It may take me a bit to get these loaded then get to the range to gather the data… a matter of scheduling. But I do want to do this to see how the primer change will affect things.

Updated: data now posted.

7 thoughts on “9mm reload modifications

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    • Not sure what you mean.

      I do have a chronograph.

      For the original loads, I did do some chrono’ing, as noted and linked to above. Tho, Karl happened to lend me his chrono setup for that.

      Else..not clear on what you mean.

      And the above new loads (changing the primers) I haven’t chrono’d yet.

  2. Lets see…

    I’ve got access to ~47 acres of land.

    I’m an hour south of you.

    Every weekend is free for me.

    Dad and I have a range set up.


    I’m not saying don’t go out to THE range (Karl’s), just offering an alterative for ya.

    • Ah, I gotcha. 🙂

      The for my general needs, “the” range ends up being Austin Rifle Club. But, I know I have other facilities available to me…. and now, I add yours to the list. 🙂

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