Class AAR

This past Saturday I assisted with the Basic Pistol 2 and Defensive Pistol Skills 1 classes at KR Training.

In general, the classes ran smooth. Due to the high heat and high humidity, the classes were modified slightly to do dry-fire in the classroom (read: air-conditioning) to help get some of the basic skills put in place. This has always been a beneficial thing to do and pays dividends when we actually get out on the range.

The DPS1 class was kinda cool for me, because my buddy Charles came out for it (finally got him to a class!). As well, local gunblogger Jay was finally out for a class. You can read Jay’s AAR here.

As I like to do, I point out demographics. BP2 had the typical mix of folks: ages, genders, ethnicities. DPS1 was all men, but otherwise still a fair gamut of folks. It ain’t all old white rednecks, folks.

One thing that did get me about these classes? A lot of things happened, a lot of questions asked, a lot of discussion and observation. It’s motivated me to make a bunch of postings, and I’ll roll those out over the next few days.

8 thoughts on “Class AAR

  1. I know nothing I asked could be used as a topic for discussion…

    I don’t remember asking any questions. 😛

    • Maybe I just want to make fun of you. 😉

      There were lots of things from my observations, from discussions with other folks, and also from the earlier BP2 class. Just little things, but it makes for blog fodder.

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