The metal detectors are in.

So it starts. Metal detectors have been installed and X-ray machines are coming to the Texas State Capitol building.

And there’s a special line just for CHL holders.

I’m glad to know I could still walk into the capitol building. I don’t like that I get singled out and everyone now knows “hey, that dude’s got a gun”… kinda defeats the whole purpose of concealed carry. Granted I’m blogging about the fact, but it’s a contextual thing of walking into the building. Some sheep are going to see me walk through that special gate and get scared of me.

Of course, anyone that knows what it takes to legally obtain a handgun and then obtain a CHL and keep it? Then you’ll probably be happy to see such folk walk through the gate. But again, most sheep don’t know… but maybe they’ll be willing to click the above link and find out.

Mark Casey, a Katy engineer who was touring with his family, called the checkpoint policy “bizarre.”

“I would hope our officials feel safer in a building where only they are allowed to carry guns,” he said. “If terrorists and criminals with guns can’t get in, why does anyone need one in here?”

Why should only “our officials” be allowed to be armed? Why should the general citizenry be forced to be disarmed, in general, but also in this specific circumstance of participating in the legislative process?

And it’s not just a matter of getting into that premises. What about getting to that premises? Most violent crimes occur on sidewalks, parking lots, parking garages. If I was coming to the capitol building I’d have to leave my home, get in my car, drive downtown, park somewhere, walk to the building, do my business, then reverse the steps to go home. Anywhere along that route something ugly has the potential to happen. Am I to only have a means to defend myself in certain places but not others? So what should I do? Leave the gun in my car? That’s a prime way criminals obtain guns. Do you want to see that happen? Better to keep my firearm under my watch and control.

But the following I question:

A number of lobbyists who come and go at the Capitol several times each day — and who have been grousing about the checkpoints for months — say they plan to get concealed handgun permits so they can go through the express lane and save time. They said they do not plan to carry a weapon.

All the work they’ll have to do to get a CHL, just to avoid a few seconds at a checkpoint. It’s my understanding the CHL will be checked at the checkpoint to ensure it’s still valid, which I’m sure is going to take a couple of minutes to do. Is that really a time-saver?  Please, if you think the policy and procedure is inefficient, work to improve it. Getting a CHL just because you think it puts you in the fast lane really isn’t the right way to solve the problem.

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