So Paul, what are we supposed to do?

Over at Sebastian’s place, “Carl from Chicago” posted a comment. The comment was in response to a Daily Show segment on open carry, which had Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign on as a guest. Carl received this email from Helmke regarding the segment, and in the email wrote this:

While The Daily Show pokes fun at those who carry guns openly, it just doesn’t make sense for the safety of our families to have more guns being carried by more people in more public places. It’s the wrong direction for this country to head.

As I said in the clip, gun owners should leave their guns at home. Let’s keep them out of places like coffee shops, sports stadiums, and schools.

So what you’re saying is, in an effort to increase safety of our families, gun owners should leave their guns at home.

That doesn’t make sense, if you look at facts and data.

If you consider actual violent crime statistics, about 85% of violent crimes happen outside the home. That means violent crime happens in coffee shops (like the 4 Lakewood police officers killed in a coffee shop). That means violent crime happens in sports stadiums (like at a Long Beach high school football game). That means violent crime happens at schools (Columbine, and numerous others).  Yes, those events involved guns, but the guns didn’t leap up on their own and kill innocent people. No, there was someone evil using the gun. They were acts of evil people, not acts of evil steel and evil lead.

Paul, if you’re willing to work against bad people being able to do bad things, I’d be with you. But you’re against good people doing good things. How can I support that? Furthermore, the constant refusal to look at the actual facts and data, to look at the actual Truth of the matter? Well… that just leaves us with “reasoned discourse”.

I know it’s not a coffee house, but it is a Waffle House. The fact two men were open carrying? It prevented the Waffle House from being robbed — known because when the thugs were arrested they flat out admitted seeing the two citizens with guns is what kept them from robbing the place (at least while the citizens were in the restaurant). Yes, open carry prevented a violent crime from occurring.

So tell me Paul, if we did follow your wishes and us good guys left our guns at home…. please tell me, what do you then propose to do to actually make our coffee shops, sports stadiums, and schools safer? Because the fact is, the bad guys aren’t going to leave anything at home, and the bad guys don’t like to come get us in our homes… they want to come get us at the coffee shops, the sports stadiums, the schools — this I know, for the data tells me so. Please Paul tell me, in light of the facts, what is your plan?

2 thoughts on “So Paul, what are we supposed to do?

    • Oh I know that.

      But that’s the question I’d like Helmke and the rest of his ilk to answer. The only people they could succeed in disarming are law-abiding citizens. So what are law-abiding citizens supposed to do? I don’t hang on Helmke’s every word so… maybe they have a reasonable plan. I’d love to see it.

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