Vote the bastards out

It’s not about “health care reform” or “insurance reform” or any of that. I’m not here to debate that.

I’m here to express my outrage at what it took to get the votes last night.

The lying. The buying of votes. The shutting out of the people despite the promises to the contrary. The lack of doing their jobs — which is, representing the people that put them in office. If the majority of the country doesn’t want this, shouldn’t the Congressional vote reflect that?

If this or any bit of legislation was truly good, it would stand on its own merits. That this cannot stand on its own merit, doesn’t that tell you something?

Furthermore, is there any true concern about the cost of this, both financial and otherwise? Hell, if I tried to run my household or business like this, I’d fail within a year. It’s still amazing to me that we allow our government to run itself this way.

This isn’t a Democrat or Republican thing. They both suck. Dems may have the majority now and the Reps playing the cards they are, but rest assured if the majority was the other way the same disgusting behaviors would occur.

At this point the only solution is to vote the bastards out of office.

But the thing that troubles me more? That many of these scumbags are going to be sent back there. Which means either the citizenry is happy with scum, the citizenry is scum (and merely reflecting itself in who it elects), or the citizenry doesn’t care…. whichever way this goes, it’s a sad commentary.


3 thoughts on “Vote the bastards out

  1. I care and I’m not afraid to say that voting them out isn’t enough. These men and women have betrayed their oaths of office and their countrymen. Damned our generation at least and more than likely the generations of Americans to come.

    We should be doing one thing with traitors in this country and I think there were a bunch of them yesterday. At minimum those who gave up their votes for trinkets or guaranteed pork spending, deserve a greater punishment.


    • I’m just starting politely.

      The sad thing about voting them out? It won’t work. Many of them were promised appointments to other key government positions in exchange for their vote. Why is this appealing? Because they know their goose is cooked… there’s massive fear of losing their jobs should they have voted for this. So now with the assurance of having a job, they voted however they wanted to. Self-serving bastards.

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