More with the Hip Grip

Just did my first car ride with the Hip Grip.

Letting the hook go on the jeans, behind the belt, seems to be better. It lets the gun float around a little more so it can assume a more comfortable position. Else at least with this J-frame against my body, you end up with metal pressing into spots on your leg… like into nerves or veins and cutting off flow. Or just sticking into you and being most uncomfortable. Not fun.

Of course, the downsides are, as I said before, the gun sits lower and is harder to draw. Furthermore, the little bits of shifting around are not ideal. I mean, it’s good to have the gun in the same solid known established place so a draw is “without thinking”… you don’t have to go searching for it. How much of this shifting about is an issue? I have yet to determine that… need more time with it.

Still, it’s been rather comfortable. Sure I know it’s there, but it’s not too bad.

One thing for those wondering.

I don’t expect I’ll have issues with the gun discharging. I admit, it’s possible something could snag and work the trigger, but it’s a remote chance. Still I can’t help but think about it. Of course, a lot of guys would be worried about shooting their manhood. That’s not really my concern. I am more concerned with blowing a hole in my femoral artery. That’s what’s really in the line of fire. There’s that mental hurdle to overcome, no doubt.

The testing continues….

4 thoughts on “More with the Hip Grip

  1. I don’t much like the clip-style carry systems for snubby revolvers because I haven’t found a single one thats compatible with a laser site like the Crimson Trace. yes, I know of many “experts” who say lasers are irrelevant, but I personally find them quite useful and think theyre a good thing on a carry pistol. If I’m going to switch from pocket holster carry to some other form, its got to allow me to retain my laser.

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