Werner Carry System

One thing that I had seen before but didn’t pay much attention to was the Werner Carry System. Reason being I just wasn’t sure about the Hip Grip. Would it hold securely? I don’t need it falling off my belt and sliding down my pant leg.

However, after this past weekend’s snub classes, I’m going to give it a try. It seems ideal for my needs in many ways. While I didn’t get to fondle a gun with this specific setup, a guy did have a snub with a T-Grip on it and I got to hold that. That made quite a difference in the feel. Plus this guy was very familiar with the setup so I was able to ask him a lot of questions and he was most helpful and detailed in his answers.

You see, the current Pachmayr Compac grips I have are great grips in terms of filling my hand, having a lot of tacky-ness, room for my pinky, and absorbing recoil. They’re not too huge for the gun either, but yes they are a bit on the big side and affect concealability. But with something like the T-Grip, it helps to fill the grip out in my hand. Couple that with the T-Grips (and given my concerns have been alleviated, all except for trying it myself) and I’m ready to give this a try as I think it will solve a lot of things.

I will start off without the Hogue grip and see how that goes. I’ll add that in later on.

T-Grip and Hip Grips are ordered. I’ll write more when the arrive and I can try it all out.

4 thoughts on “Werner Carry System

  1. I like the Hip-Grip/T-Grip combo, but I am really finding my perfect setup to be the Crimson Trace 105-series stocks. Nothing extra, except filling in the gap between frame and trigger guard, and the laser is very useful for low light shooting. When you get it sighted in right, it is a very nice aiming aid, too.


    • I’m wanting to try the HIp-Grip setup (and the T-Grip then to fill my hand a bit better) because of the carry option it provides. I think it will be quite suitable for my need.

      FWIW, I believe there’s a set of Crimson Trace grips for an XD that someone has for me to evaluate. I’m going to give ’em another shake.

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