Reloading speed

Not that any of you probably care but…. seems I can reload about 200-300 rounds an hour.

I wanted to load about 500 rounds of 9mm and it only took me a couple hours to do. Not to shabby. It’s good to know the pace I can move tho, for future work planning.

One thing I can say. Most of my loads were using the Berry’s 115 grain plated RN DS bullets. However, I opted to load 100 of the Hornady 115 grain FMJ RN. As well, I had a box of Speer 115 grain TMJ RN’s from when I bought all the reloading gear off dockbot/exodus. I figure what the hey, might as well load those up too. So the recipe remained the same, save the bullet I used. I’m going to see if I can chrono them and see if any differences are to be found.

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