Hey Mr. UPS Man

Look what the UPS man brought to me:

1000 Hornady 9mm 115 grain FMJ RN bullets. This is Hornady’s “free gift” from purchasing their Lock-n-Load AP. Whoo!

16.5 lbs. of bullets.

I did some caliper measuring and comparison to the Berry’s 115 grain RN DS bullets. The Hornady are a hair more rounded and the Berry’s a hair more “pointed” shaped, but all really seems negligible. I’m going to use my 9mm plinking load recipe and load 100 of these for a trial run.

Speaking of which, I know I’ve been talking about needing to load 2000 rounds for a class in October, and that hasn’t changed. However, next weekend I’ll be taking AT-6 Pistol Workout and I think loading 500 rounds for that class would be a good testing ground. I’ll take 500 rounds of factory with me as well, just in case, and a backup gun, just in case. The 100 with the Hornady will be a part of that run.

4 thoughts on “Hey Mr. UPS Man

  1. Grins…
    I love it when the UPS gal shows up! last week she brought me my new X dies, as well as three boxes of bullets! I have some serious loading chores as well to catch up on.

    • We’ve had the same UPS guy for a long time. He’s gotten rather used to bringing me heavy packages of such things.

      I just came in from loading about 500 rounds of 9mm. I must say I love using a progressive press.

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