Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope… nope, it’s gone.

Everything is bass-ackwards in the UK these days, but this report gives a glimmer of hope.

Builder David Fullard, 46, leapt into action as the brute and a pal forced their way into his home and threatened to rape his girlfriend and kill his sons.

He grabbed the antique sword and sliced off the left lug of the yob – named Michael SEVERS.

Prosecutors said Mr Fullard went too far for self-defence and charged him with unlawful wounding. He faced up to EIGHT YEARS in jail.

A jury took less than 50 minutes to acquit him at Hull Crown Court.

I’m glad to hear he was acquited, but he never should have been charged in the first place. Went too far? That implies there’s a proper amount, so pray tell what is that proper amount for when someone breaks into your home, threatens to rape your girlfriend and kill your children (and torch your house)? Yeah I’d say you’re justified in fearing for the lives of yourself and your loved ones, and would have every reason, authority, and duty to fight back. That the yob only lost his ear means he got off easy.

In fact, he did get off easy:

Yesterday the two jobless thugs got six-month suspended sentences and 100 hours of community service after admitting affray.

So that glimmer of hope fades… a man who defends his loved ones could have faced 8 years in jail, whereas the attacker gets a six-month suspended sentence and 100 hours of community service. WTF?

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