Cuttin’ stuff

People keep wondering, why carry a knife.

This morning is a perfect example.

I had to cut open 2 bundles of furring strips, a package of weatherstripping, then cut the weatherstripping to length to go on the door.

It was sure nice to have an appropriate tool on hand, sharp, ready to go, able to be easily retrieved when needed and stowed when not (pocket clip) but yet handy at all times.

And all before 9:00 AM.

I know this isn’t glamorous, but it’s a tool…. it’s just about being handy and useful. Tools are most useful and most handy when they are available and ready to go when you need them.

2 thoughts on “Cuttin’ stuff

  1. I agree carrying a knife is a must for day to day tasks. I actually find that I could use a flash light on lots of occasions too (but I don’t carry one ever), maybe I should look into getting one of those real bright tiny LED ones. I have a Surefire G3 LED one, but it’s too big just to have in my pocket all the time.

    • I carry a Surefire E2L Outdoorsman on me all the time. I used to just carry it in my back pocket (lens up, so the clip engaged my pocket), but a little while ago I got a “combo pouch” from Comp-Tac that holds 1 spare ammo magazine and the flashlight. All of this is documented here on the blog so hit up the Search field for details. 🙂

      Even if all you get is a little LED keyfob for your keychain, it’s better than being light-less.

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