New knife?

Busy day at work, but it contained a lot of waiting. Waiting for uploads, waiting for downloads, waiting for builds to complete. Consequently I had a lot of time to slack off:

No sword-fighting for me, but I did spend a lot of time looking at new knives.

As I’ve said, I carry a Spyderco Delica as a self-defense knife. This grew out of taking the Insights Training Center’s Defensive Folding Knife class. In the context they teach, the Delica is the most appropriate knife.

In my new martial arts study of Kali and Silat, there is a fair amount of blade work. While the Delica can work, I don’t feel it’s best suited to the task. The main reason? The knife really isn’t suited to stabbing motions, primarily due to the lack of any way for your grip hand to not move forward onto the blade (e.g. blade stops because it hit something, grip is slippery) and secondarily the tip/shape of the blade. Sure it could work, but it’s not ideal. What I do like about the Delica is it is inexpensive (relatively speaking) so if I did lose it or it broke I won’t be crying. As well, it’s innocuous looking — after all, it is just a pocket knife. I also like that it’s a smaller blade, and that lends to slightly better cutting (the same amount of force spread over less area).

I have a Spyderco Endura with the Wave feature. I think the Wave feature is neat, but more often than not it gets in the way. I can see advantages to it, say in a P’kal application like SouthNarc does, but apart from that I’d rather stay away from such things.

So what am I looking for?

  • Folder
    • It has to be a folder. While a fixed blade is certainly advantageous, it’s not reasonable for my carry needs.
    • Consequently, it needs to be able to open easily with one hand, and have a stury and solid locking mechanism (and be able to close with one hand)
  • Mid-sized
    • I don’t want something that’s tiny, nor do I want some monster. Legality of sizes and lengths are something to consider, but not a deal-breaker as there’s always different laws and regulations depending where you go.
    • It should feel good in the hand, and if when it’s closed the ends extend past my hand that’s welcome for being able to use the knife as a blunt striker.
  • Blade
    • Certainly strong steel, that can sharpen and hold a razor edge.
    • Something geared towards both slicing and stabbing. A tanto tip may be where I need to go.
    • Probably in the 3-5″ realm.
    • Plain, serrated, or combo edge.. I don’t really care. I’d probably stick with a plain edge, but this is a minor consideration.
  • Grip
    • Something that allows grip, even if slippery.
    • Something that helps prevent the grip hand from sliding up onto the blade.
    • A big enough grip to fill my hand, but not so big as to be unwieldy or bulky in the pocket.
  • Other
    • Must have a clip, and it’s welcome if the clip can be relocated. While I will likely only carry in a tip-up fashion, that I can relocate the clip means I can remove the clip and bend it back into shape if it gets caught on something and bends out of shape (had this happen on numerous occasions).
    • Price… quality matters more, but on the same token I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that I’ll cry over or have difficulty replacing if something should happen to the knife.
    • Every day utility. I don’t want something specialized or esoteric. I’d like something that I can use for every day cutting needs (e.g. opening a box). To be able to carry it every day.

I’m shopping around. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

3 thoughts on “New knife?

  1. Hi there. Looks like a good course you did there. I think you will find it hard to get a good folder that has some kind of hilt to prevent the hand sliding up onto the edge as can be found in fixed knives.

    I like the Cold steel folders best. They are very well constructed. I have a Recon1. Great edge too. They have everything else you are after including a clip. And the exact size you are after as well. Check out this link to the Cold Steel site. If you havnt seen it already they do a LOT of stuff to their knives to demonstrate there solid construction.

    Happy knife hunting 🙂

    • I know it’s going to be hard to impossible to find such a thing, but I know some are better than others. For example, some of those CRKT M-16 models have 2 Carson Flippers and thus almost a true hilt… but apparently those can’t be carried in a pocket (not sure why, my guess is the 2 flippers snag). The single flipper CRKT M-16 models might work, but they’re all tip-down designs; I figure it’s due to their flipper so it doesn’t snag on your pocket on the draw, but tip-down just doesn’t feel as secure a draw to me.

      I’ve looked at Cold Steel’s stuff… .got one of their demo DVD’s too. That Recon 1 does look pretty good. One to put on the list of possibilities.


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