Primer Investigation – Part 2, 43 Loaded

Link back to part 1, links forward to part 3 and part 4.

43 .223 Remington rounds loaded.

Each one has:

Bullet — Winchester .22 caliber 55 grain FMJ BT

Primer — CCI #41

C.O.L. — 2.215″ (came from the Speer #14 manual for a .223 Rem 55gr FMJ BT)

All are using TAC powder, but varying in amount. As well, the cases vary.

9 cases are new Remington left over from the first batch of .223. These were taken out of the bag, resized, and loaded. 3 cases have 25.0 gr of TAC, 3 have 25.5, 3 have 26.0.

25 cases are new Remington, but have received more prep. They were resized, flash hole deburred, primer pocket uniformed. 5 cases have 24.0 grains of TAC. 5 with 24.5. 5 with 25.0. 5 with 25.5. 5 with 26.0. I loaded a lot because if in fact there’s a new brass vs. used brass issue, I wanted to ensure I had enough “once fired” brass to work with.

9 cases are each loaded with 25.0 grains of TAC. 3 cases are used Winchester. 3 cases are used Federal. 3 cases are used WCC (NATO + stamp). All cases were trimmed to 1.75″-ish in length (about 1.753″, but could be 1.751″ or 1.752″). All of this brass is of unknown life (i.e. once fired? twice fired?) but inspection didn’t turn up any problems.

All rounds received a light Lee Factory crimp.

The main purpose of all of this is to shoot and look at primer pockets. I’ll also see if there’s any difference across the brass. I’ll also be taking a set of calipers with me to see how much things change.

I’ll also be shooting some Georgia Arms Canned Heat 55gr FMJ as a comparison/control.

Planning to go to the range first thing in the morning.

3 thoughts on “Primer Investigation – Part 2, 43 Loaded

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