All pistol rounds suck – round 2

Said it before, say it again: all pistol rounds suck.

What’s fun this time? Someone made a pretty graphic. Via Caleb I find Mike (or I guess it was Mike) cobbled together a nice graphic of Winchester ballistics data. I’ve seen that before… that is, the graphic layout that presents that data I’ve seen before on some website for getting information about the product, but try as I might I can’t find the website right now. I swore it was Winchester’s own site, but I can’t find it. *sigh* Anyway, I just remember the little web-app wasn’t great for doing a lot of comparisons, so I figure Mike (or whomever made the graphic) must have generated all the data then with a little Photoshop skills put it all together. It’s nice to see “the big picture” so to speak.

Bottom line: they all perform about the same. Pick the one that works best for you, that you can handle and shoot quickly and accurately. Generally that’s going to be 9mm, but everyone’s different.

7 thoughts on “All pistol rounds suck – round 2

    • Here’s a direct link to the picture:

      The original website has such a link, but his website is set up to show it in some JavaScript picture viewer. If you look at the raw image full-sized, you can read it.

  1. The text basically allows you to rationalize the superiority of your caliber. :)-~

    Except for .380 which falls so far short of the others …

    I’m actually thinking of running FMJ in my LCP now.

    • Between penetration and expansion, penetration I think matters more. If it can’t get down where it needs to be, who cares how wide it is? But if it can get down where it needs to be, a small hole is better than no hole. Of course both is best, but between the two penetration matters more. Thus for .380 Auto yeah…. FMJ’s are going to take you further, no pun intended. If I was going to carry a gun in .380, I’d likely use FMJ’s too.

  2. “Pick the one that works best for you, that you can handle and shoot quickly and accurately.”

    Which is one reason why a 38 was so popular. Most people don’t give it the credit it deserves. Personally, I prefer large bores, but I would rather have a small 38 than a 380. Just my personal preference, other opinions may vary.

    • I would agree. Ballistics on a .38 tend to fair better than .380.

      The more I have my snub, the more I really like it. I cannot wait for February, when Claude Werner is coming to KR Training to conduct a weekend-long snub-specific training. That should be pretty cool.

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