A savage hypocracy

(Yes I know it’s “hypocrisy”).

From Breda:

Now, I’m in favor of gay marriage* and I’m proud of those who participated in what has been called the “Big Gay March” in our Capitol this past weekend. I believe everyone should be free to marry the person who they love, regardless of gender. But by clinging to identity politics and asking for the passage of hate crime legislation in the same breath as “equal rights” the gay community is only separating itself further from the mainstream they are asking to be welcomed into. It causes people who are anti-gay marriage to believe (and perhaps rightly so) that “equal” won’t be equal at all, that special groups will get special treatment or privileges under the law.

South Park did a great take on this. Unfortunately I can’t embed it here, please go click and watch (and you’ll see where I got “hypocracy”). Or if you want to read:

If somebody kills somebody, it’s a crime, but if someone kills somebody of a different color, it’s a hate crime. And we think that that is a savage hypocrisy, because all crimes are hate crimes. If a man beats another man because that man was sleeping with his wife, is that not a hate crime? If a person vandalizes a government building, is it not because of his hate for the government? The motivation for a crime shouldn’t affect the sentencing. It is time to stop splitting people into groups. All hate crime laws do is support the ideas that blacks are different from whites, that homosexuals need to be treated differently from non-homos. That we aren’t the same. But instead we should all be treated the same, with the same laws and the same punishments for the same crimes.

In many regards as well, this is working against simplification. This just builds up a lot and creates more problems than it’s good-intentions ever solve.

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