Video analysis

So the hot new video to watch, examine, and learn from:

This is actually an old video as I saw it some long time ago. Nevertheless, t3h Int3rw3bz knows how to recycle, so here we are.

Over at Ikigai, he provided a reasonable analysis: the victim didn’t lose his cool, kept it simple, the victim sought to end the confrontation and once it was over let it be done. However, I don’t like what happened in the video.

The thug got too close, way too close. The thug put his hands on the victim. For me, none of that should have happened in the first place. This is where skills like Practical Unarmed Combat come into play: Managing Unknown Contacts (MUC), The Fence, and other such techniques really need to be applied. The situation should never have gotten to the point it did. But if someone did manage to get up in your face, that’s why that fence is important… to be able to hit that “default position”, eye flicks, or whatever else may be necessary. Having your hands folded and down like that, there’s no way you’d be able to get them up in time to be of any use to you… not with an attacker in that close.

In fact if we want to talk fences, how did this thug get past the homeowner’s physical yard fence? Now you’re trespassing on my property, and that changes things a whole lot. Granted, I think the video was in the UK and unfortunately law-abiding citizens are neutered there, but here in Texas and in much of the United States there is the Castle Doctrine and that plays into effect in a situation like this.

I will say that the outcome shown on the video was fortunate and the thug was lucky all he got was a bruised ego. The victim was lucky he was able to walk away with just his yard to clean up. To me, the take-home lesson is to not allow situations to get to that point. Acquire and use skills to prevent such situations in the first place.

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