Rules FAIL

Darwin Award candidate.

Police say the accidental shooting happened as the group was planning to go to the gun range. One of the adults raised concern about the 25-year-old man handling the firearm because of the infant being in the room, according to a police press release. The adult also was concerned that the rifle was loaded.

“The man joked that there was one way to find out if it was loaded and, at that point, he reportedly put the rifle in his mouth and pulled the trigger,” according to the release.

This isn’t accidental, this is negligent.

If you want to find out if a gun is loaded or not, you point it in a safe direction (i.e. a direction where if a bullet is discharged the bullet will come to rest without causing unwanted damage), you unload the gun (e.g. remove the magazine, open the floor plate, open the cylinder, whatever is proper for that particular firearm), you then peek into the chamber and perhaps even put a finger in there: visually and tactilely verify it’s unloaded — that there are no rounds in the gun in any place or any where. All the while, you follow The Rules; this guy violated just about all of them.

This also points out that small calibers (it was a .22) can be dangerous. It also demonstrates that shot placement greatly affects lethality.

Neither alcohol nor drugs appear to have played a role in the incident, police reported.

But apparently a lot of stupidity.

7 thoughts on “Rules FAIL

  1. There are only FOUR RULES.

    Let me say that again with emphasis, THERE ARE ONLY FOUR RULES.

    If you follow Rule Number ONE, the gun is ALWAYS LOADED, and treat it like that, you can avoid every negligence on the planet.

    I feel sorry for this guy’s family, but not his negligence.


      • 3 is enough if you remember and respect Rule One.

        In fact with new shooters, I teach them Ten Important Gun Safety Rules:

        1) The Gun is always loaded.
        2) The gun is ALWAYS LOADED.
        3) Keep your booger picker off the bang switch, until ready to fire.
        4) Never point the muzzle at something you don’t want to destroy
        5) Know your target and what is beyond it
        8) The gun is…always loaded.
        9) The gun is always loaded
        10) Remember, the most important rule, THE GUN IS ALWAYS LOADED.

        I really like to drive that point home and I’ll tell you this, if they don’t remember anything else about shooting, proper trigger press, sight alignment, anything, they all remember the most important rule, THE GUN IS ALWAYS LOADED. With that, they remember to treat it like it is always loaded and the other 2 or 3 rules come naturally.


  2. When will people learn..? I’ve been around firearms all of my life. Raised five children around them,and never, not once had any problem.

    Anyone want to bet on how long it takes the hoplophobes to jump on this..?

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