Ruger SR-22

Ruger just released their SR-22.

In short, a 10/22 with black plastic furniture.

I can’t blame them for doing this. To have an AR-styled rifle that shoots .22 LR is all the range these days. It’s not like it was hard to find 3rd party furniture to turn a 10/22 into an EBR in the first place, so Ruger is just capitalizing on things and getting a quick product on the market and money in their pockets.

Me, I wouldn’t buy it. If I wanted an AR-style .22, I’d want one as close to the actual manual at arms so that training muscle memory is in effect (e.g. operation of the safety). If I wanted a 10/22, I’d want it with different furniture and outfitting.

Nevertheless, there’s a market for this and I’m sure people will buy it. Good for Ruger.

Updated: Another good thing about this: it takes AR accessories, but it also takes 10/22 accessories. Arguably two of the largest aftermarkets out there.

Good to also see this iteration of the 10/22 includes recent improvements to the 10/22, like the magazine release and being able to drop the bolt with one hand.

Updated 2: Steve at TFB has more details.

Updated 3: Possible side-effect of the SR-22?

8 thoughts on “Ruger SR-22

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  2. While I think its a good idea to try and get people out shooting and training again with .22lr who are not doing so because of the price of .223, I think they’re going about it the wrong way.

    First problem with the SR-22: price. The sucker price is $625 but the street price will likely be south of $500 (depending on demand). Thats still too high. Thats the price of almost 1700 rounds of range grade .223 at current wacko pricing. Your average used 10/22 will run you around $75-$100. A bulk pack of 500rd .22lr will cost you maybe $15 on the outside. Thats a full day of shooting for nearly 1/4 the price with a rifle that really isnt significantly different because of…

    The trigger. They put the evil evil super heavy duty traditional 10/22 trigger on the damn thing. If they wanted something to FEEL like an AR they should START with the trigger. The damn pistol grip handguards and M4 collapsible stock are MINOR in comparison to the importance of having the basic manual of arms: safety manipulation and trigger control. Without an AR style lower, this thing is just DUMB. What WOULD be impressive would be a dedicated .22lr rifle that takes 10/22 mags, but is in every other way externally identical to an AR15.

    As it stands, I think the best bet for people who want to train with their ARs without going broke is to buy a conversion kit such as as the CMMG kit that is just a bolt assembly and magazine. You ALREADY got a .22 barrel! Why would you need another one as with a dedicated .22lr upper? Plus it only costs you ~$200 for the drop in bolt assembly and 1 26-rd mag that has the same form factor as 30rd AR mags (10rd mags are utterly useless if you ask me.. are you ever gonna use 10rd .223/5.56 mags in your AR?).

    The only way I’d ever consider a dedicated .22lr upper or dedicated .22lr AR rifle is if it had identical controls/trigger, barrel and furniture as an AR, BUT it took utterly ubiquitous (read: cheap and de-bugged) Ruger 10/22 magazines. Apart from that, youre better off either buying a drop in conversion unit like the CMMG or buying a cheap used Ruger 10/22 or Marlin model 60, of which there are millions in circulation. Ultimately, its more important that you are shooting AT ALL, rather than shooting the New Hotness rifle, and the best way to ensure that happens is to make it as cheap as possible. Lower price always means more bangs, every time and without fail.

    • I totally agree on the price. That makes zero sense. Given the gun does not have the proper AR ergonomics, IMHO they’re not really competing with things like S&W’s M&P 15-22… well they technically are, but if they could come in at a lower price they’d probably do themselves a lot better since they can’t necessarily compete on features.

      Trigger… well, it just shows that the SR-22 is a mash-up meant to get something existing into a slightly different market niche. It’s not really a ground-up developed product like the SR-556 was… this is just taking what they’ve got and slapping a different stock on it, giving it a different model name, and marketing marketing marketing. Why put a different trigger on it? They have zero motivation to.

      I’ll say getting a conversion kit is a good way to go BUT, they can have their problems. Also, it’s not quite a .22 barrel and there can be issues. It’s not perfect, but for general AR-rifle training and such, it’ll work fine. Frankly I’d rather just train with my AR in .223/5.56 because managing the recoil is part of training…but I know, ammo expensive. You have to take your trade-offs somewhere.

      In the end, I see what Ruger is trying to do and I don’t blame them for doing it. Your ultimate suggestion is better tho: just buy a cheap used regular 10/22 and shoot that… maybe throw some Tech-Sights on it, but otherwise use the difference in money to spend on ammo and training. 🙂

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  4. It sounds like a great gun for those of us in Canada. Because the S&W M&P is restricted here which means range only (legally) the ruger is able to got out hunting whereas the S&W is apparently to realistic to be non-restricted.

    • Really? That’s crazy. I assume you mean that M&P15-22 is restricted… why? Just because of looks? Crazy.

      • No it’s not just based on looks. There is a lot of different factors that go into deciding on what makes a certain rifle restricted including barrel length and overall length among other things. All pistols up here are restricted that’s just the way it is. Rifles and shotguns are obviously a different story. (restristed firearms up here just means that your only allowed to fire them at a designated range) There used to be some confusion up here about the SR-22 when it first came out they were only considered non-restricted if the stock was non collapsible but that has since changed.

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