Gun in the car – bad idea

Roberta X points out why keeping a gun in the car isn’t the hottest idea.

Stealing guns from cars is a big way that guns go from being “legal guns” to “illegal guns.”

Here in Texas, I know a lot of people keep a gun in their car. Honestly I don’t know what good it does them. The gun is rarely (never?) on their person, crimes in a car aren’t that frequent, and if one does happen most people who keep guns in their car keep them in some useless state (e.g. bagged up, boxed up, etc.). So basically it’s just a 4-wheeled storage crate, where you bring the gun to the thief.

The unfortunate thing is a lot of laws force law-abiding citizens to behave in this manner. You might have a concealed handgun license but now you need to go into a building where you cannot legally carry it, so you are now forced to leave it in your car. It’s just bad feeding worse.

2 thoughts on “Gun in the car – bad idea

  1. Yup, unfortunately many places are off limits by law or contract. Good excuse for putting a gunvault or similar device in the car. That way a punk breaking in for CD’s doesn’t end up armed.

    • I agree that’s good for casual deterrence, but determined enough criminals will still get it.

      Or what if their motive was stealing the car, not the contents?

      Bottom line: being forced to leave your gun in the car is ultimately not a smart move.

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