Magazine pouch pondering

The Desantis Mag Packer is a fine way to carry a reload, but it takes up a pocket. Plus pant pockets can vary: mouth too wide so the packer doesn’t get caught on the way out, mouth too narrow so it’s tough to get your hand in there quickly, pocket might not be deep enough or might be too deep. These sorts of variances don’t help in having a consistent draw behavior. If you’ve got a folder clipped to your pocket, now the two items are competing for space. It’s fairly comfortable tho, and concealment is pretty high.

An OWB single mag pouch is useful, but a bit harder to conceal (relative to the Mag Packer). Placement and withdrawal can be fairly consistent however, which helps with your reloads.

A double pouch is a bit better, in terms of how much you can carry. Now, I wouldn’t get one like this because it puts one magazine facing the wrong way (it should be positioned “bullets towards the bad guy”). Of course, with 2 pouches it’s harder to conceal, but it’s do-able. It’s also going to be a bit more uncomfortable. This sort of pouch is useful for training because now you can have at least 3 magazines rotating while you’re on the line. In most of the classes I take (Combined Skills was a perfect example), this is a minimum. It’s also nice to have the 3 magazines because it ensures you can always reholster with a full gun J(provided you didn’t burn through all the magazines, of course).

Then there’s something like this quad pouch. Not suitable for carry, but good for competition. Good for class? Depends upon the class. If it’s a class about competition, sure. If it’s a class about defensive handgun work for self-defense, I wouldn’t use it because it’s not your carry rig and you should take the class with your carry rig.

A magazine-flashlight combo pouch is also appealing because it allows you a spot on your Batman utility belt for both items. If you don’t normally carry a flashlight around with you (even a cheap little keychain fob LED) you may not appreciate how useful it is to have a flashlight always on your person; once you start to regularly carry one, you won’t want to be without one. Of course, this then has similar bulk as the double pouch, but only provides one magazine. But of course the tradeoff is a well-defined spot for your flashlight.

BTW, I refer to Comp-Tac because I’m a satisfied customer, and they provide a wide swath of options, including I think the only people that will make a flashlight holster for the flashlight I carry.

Anyway… just thinking out loud.

7 thoughts on “Magazine pouch pondering

  1. I really like my Tucker angled mag pouch.

    They also have that spring-loaded magazine carrier contraption, which I have to admit a slight desire for. I could see it being very handy when surrounded by zombies.

    • Tucker even has an IWB mag pouch, but my understanding is IWB mag pouches are rather uncomfortable. Not sure I want to spend the time and money to learn that the hard way.

      Actually I just realized that I’ve not done the comparison between your Tucker and my MTAC. Need to do that.

      The spring-loaded thing would be cool for competition, or like you said, zombie uprising.

  2. I use an IWB single-magazine holster for my PPS, and it is significantly less uncomfortable/cumbersome/in the way than the PPS and its holster itself. In fact, it is kind of like the flashlight I carry on the same side as the magazine, and the flashlight (due to its IWB nature) gets in the way more often. Granted, the PPS uses single-stack magazines, so the situation might be a little different for different firearms, but a well-built holster will not really get in the way.

    And, on the flip side, I can probably turn the holster around and use it OWB too, though I have never tried.

    • Hrm. I admit I’ve never tried an IWB magazine holster (never been around one, most people don’t use them), but they just seem rather bulky… but given I’ve got a double-stacked magazine, that may be part of it.

      I’d be curious to know how your holster setup compares IWB and OWB, if in fact it can work out OWB. Feel, concealment (i.e. how much does it stick out), etc..

      Right now I admit that I’m leaning towards the combo pouch, one mag one flashlight.

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