Send a gift, make a choice

Healthcare discussion is all the rage these days. When you boil it down, there’s really only one thing at the heart of it all:


I had someone comment to me that they make more money than average and thus are willing to pay more. That is, they’re happy to accept a government program and thus increased taxes to pay for this.

If you make so much money that you’re willing to send that “extra” away in the form of taxes, why aren’t you doing anything about it right now? The Federal Government accepts gifts! Furthermore, there’s lots of charities out there right now that could really use the funding. Here you go: Donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Send all that extra money you have.

The simple fact is, once taxation occurs, once a government-based program is put in place, freedom of choice withers and eventually dies. I find it so interesting how those clamoring for nationalized healthcare programs are also the same people that at least on the surface clamor for “choice” in so many other areas. To those people I ask, where’s the choice in this? If I don’t want to participate — because it’s my body (and money) — I cannot do that. There is no choice. Taxation requires you to fund and support not only the things you like but also the things you don’t like. Where is the freedom? Where is the choice?

As it is now, we have choices. If you truly believe that no one’s health should be at the mercy of financial matters, then what are you doing today to make that happen? What healthcare charities have you donated to? Have you given any of your time to care for sick people? If you are doing these things today, great. Next step, encourage others to do the same. If there’s truly enough merit to it, it will flourish and all through the choices people made. You have a choice today to help make this right, and to do so in a manner that demonstrates not only the compassion that you so strongly feel, but retains the freedom of choice so cherished in this country.

I agree the system is broken, but eliminating the ability to choose and the freedom that goes with that is not going to bring about the desired ends.

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