Man with a gun

Many gun bloggers like to post “man/woman with a gun” posts from time to time. The blogger is someone with a concealed handgun license, and the point of the posting is how they go about their daily lives — with a gun. That means they are legally carrying their gun and might go to the grocery store, thus they’ll post about a “man with a gun at the grocery store.” Or they might go to the park and post about a “man with a gun in the park.” Or maybe they had to take their kid to a birthday party and it’s “man with a gun around young children at a birthday party.” You get the idea.

As I’d read this posts I found them annoying. I’m not exactly sure why. But the most I thought about it, the more I realized that there’s a benefit in telling such a thing.

It demonstrates there are lots of people out there, normal, law-abiding people out there. These people just so happen to carry a gun, for whatever reason they choose. And nothing happens.

There’s no blood on the streets.

No one died or got hurt.

No children were harmed.

No gun spontaneously lept to life and started shooting.

And it just happened all around you. You were probably blissfully ignorant of it the whole time. It was no big deal. There was nothing to be afraid of, and there’s still nothing to be afraid of even now that you’re aware that there are folks carrying guns around you. The only thing that changed was your knowledge of the situation; it’s no more dangerous now than it was before.

Life just goes on.

Some might say if nothing happened, then that demonstrates you didn’t need a gun in the first place; things were obviously safe enough. No, not quite. The point is to say that the mere fact a man with a gun was out and about doesn’t mean bad things will happen. That just because you might be in proximity to someone with a gun, doesn’t mean you’ll die. That because someone chooses to carry a gun doesn’t mean they’re a bloodthirsty killer. But it also does mean that there are at least some people out there that understand when situations arise in life, you can handle situations better when you’re prepared for them. Furthermore, that many times the right tool make it a lot easier to solve a problem. It’s easier to hang a picture if you’ve got a hammer and a nail.

So know there are folks carrying guns all around you. The ones legally doing so? You don’t have to worry about them. The overwhelming odds are they’re a good person. Life remains good and peaceful, with the knowledge there’s sheepdogs out there.

Updated: Joe Huffman provides a quote that ties in nicely.

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