InSights ABC’s

I have a fondness for InSights Training‘s ABC’s: Always Be Cool.

It’s a mode of being that helps to keep you out of trouble. Always Be Cool. If trouble happens to come your way, you need a level head and a demeanor to help you get out of the situation. Always Be Cool.

There was a recent discussion about dealing with police in the context of concealed carry (e.g. how to produce your license/permit, how to notify the officer that you are carrying, etc. in a way that won’t freak out the officer). Any time a police officer has to pull someone over, they’re going to be tense because they don’t know what to expect and must prepare themselves for the worst. If you are tense, if your body language is anxious, the officer is going to see it and will react accordingly. You are doing nothing wrong (other than your moving violation), you’re just tense because it’s a tense situation by its nature, but still… what can you do to make things better? Always Be Cool.

From Greg Hamilton:

I should of course add YOUR body language, demeanor, speech, etc. must be calm and nonchalant if you want the officer to be also. If you are stressed, anxious, etc you immediately lead the officer there.


InSights ABC’s: Always Be Cool; first step of being cool is LOOKING cool.

Calm demeanor, natural non-forced smile, normal tone of voice, all lead to you being “believed” They also produce a calm, matter-of-fact, just doing my job demeanor  in the officer.

The thing is, this goes far beyond interactions with police officers. It enters into the realm of interactions with anyone and everyone. If you come across calmly, smiling, looking like a nice and cool person, you will be perceived as a cool person and it makes so many things in life go smoother for you.

Whatever you’re doing and dealing with in life, just remember to Always Be Cool. It can take you pretty far.