How to be remembered

Linoge has a posting about, as he terms it, the Whiner-in-Chief.

Let me make this perfectly clear to you, Mr. President – this whole situation is not about you, and it sure as hell is not about your precious Presidency.

Actually Linoge, that’s where you are wrong. It’s sorely evident by his words and his actions that this is all about him. It’s all about his ego-satisfaction and being more concerned about trying to leave some monumental legacy.

The way to be remembered is to first live a life worth remembering. Mr. President, I’d say if you really want to be remembered and leave a great legacy, stop trying to be remembered and leave a great legacy. Just do what is Truly Right™ and the rest will take care of itself. It may be useful to recall the Classical Greek maxim: hubris brings nemesis.

4 thoughts on “How to be remembered

  1. Oh, he may think this whole shindig is all about him, but I would venture to say that the recent chain of events esem to be indicating otherwise, and rightly so.

    • Oh I agree… but the question remains: how arrogant is he? Does he notice? Does he care? Or is he still just high on being the new Messiah?

      • Judging from his “you’re going to destroy my presidency” quip, he does, indeed, care, but only about himself.

        Does he care that what he wants is going to systematically destroy our country? Not as long as his legacy is intact… I just cannot figure out how he does not understand that demolishing the country tends to reflect poorly on the President doing the demolishing…

        • Exactly my point. All he cares about is the legacy he’s building for himself. His motives are purely selfish.

          And in the end, well… he’ll leave a legacy. Just won’t be what he wanted to leave, but it will be the fruit born from the seeds he is sowing.

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