The importance of striking

Matthew Apsokardu at his ikigai blog talks about the importance of striking.

I recall much of the same from my Kuk Sool study. So much emphasis and time spent on locks and throws, and not enough time spent on how to get into those locks and throws (tho some instruction given, not always practiced). Things like needing to throw a strike to the eyes to blind and/or distract so you can gain entry to perform a lock. Or say someone has you in a bear hug from behind, you use your foot to stomp down on the instep of their foot, perhaps raking your foot down their shin as you go, to create the initial pain distraction so you can throw them.

I just discovered Matthew’s blog (due to him commenting on my blog) and my initial look around his place seems pretty nice. He wrote an eBook called The Student’s Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo. I haven’t read it fully but I did skim it. It’s actually a pretty nice eBook. What I liked is how he talked about mindset, about longer term troubles like burnout and fading away. I mean, everyone talks about uniforms, basic etiquette and such, but he approached some topics that are very real but rarely discussed. The eBook provides a nice overview, touching on many subjects. The only problem? The book is geared towards traditional Japanese martial arts. That’s OK, especially since that is the author’s realm of experience. Myself, coming from a traditional Korean martial arts background, I can see how there are many similarities, but also some differences. This isn’t to say the eBook is bad, just it depends what the focus and potential audience is for the author. If he’s attempting to discuss traditional Japanese arts, then it works very well towards that purpose. If he’s wanting to discuss traditional Asian martial arts, then it may not work so well. If he’s wanting to discuss traditional martial arts (including non-Asian), then it again gets a bit further away.  As well, I noticed no mention in the eBook itself about who Matthew is… no bio. There is a link to his website, but as websites can come and go and the PDF file could stick around, it’d be useful to have such things within the eBook itself so people can directly know who the author is and with what authority they speak on the matter.

Nevertheless, it’s a good effort that he made and one worth reading. I’ll be spending more time on his blog in the future.

2 thoughts on “The importance of striking

  1. Thanks for the mention Hsoi! I’ve included you in the giveaway running –

    Also about the bio – that was a tough choice. I knew including a bio in the file would be immediately beneficial, but then I realized I had an opportunity to keep it dynamic. Instead of the bio being permanently stuck with my accomplishments at the time of writing, now it can link into a dynamic page that is constantly being updated with what i’m up to and what i’ve done. As long as I keep the site up and running, I feel like it will be beneficial in the long run.

    • Hi Matt. You’re welcome for the mention. The giveaway didn’t matter to me… I just thought you wrote a good piece, obviously put a lot of effort into it, and it was one well worth sharing.

      I see your reasoning with the bio. As I reflect on both avenues, neither really is better or worse than the other, just different. Both have strengths, both have weaknesses. Website lets you be dynamic, but the dynamics must always be maintained and kept up with. PDF lets you be static, but while it may capture a point in time it will never be more (or less) than that point in time. They both just are what they are.

      Anyway, good stuff! I added you to my blogroll and I’ll be keeping up with your site in my RSS reader.

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