.308 Winchester

I have a friend that rags on me for my choice of .308 Winchester as a hunting caliber.

His take is that .308 (well, technically 7.62x51mm NATO) was designed as a military caliber for 200-300 yard shooting and fighting in accordance with the Geneva Convention (tho I’m sure he actually meant the Hague Peace Conferences of 1899 and 1907). And for that purpose it’s a good round.

My take is that .308 Winchester makes for a great all-around rifle round. No one round can do it all, e.g. .308 wouldn’t be that great for small varmints (you can use a howitzer to swat flies, but it’s overkill) and it’s not necessarily going to solve really big dangerous game (CPX4). Nevertheless, for most general purpose need that I may see, I think .308 works out alright.

Here are some articles (mostly from Chuck Hawks) about .308:

Granted, sometimes when you’re doing a specific job you want a specific tool because that will do the job best. But there’s a balance to be had and sometimes having a versatile tool is a good thing.

So for now, I’m happy to stick with my .308 rifles. Just like any building of a toolbox you start with good tools that can serve your majority needs and give you room to handle other things as they come up. As you encounter specific needs you pick up those tools on an as-needed basis.

Updated: Another thing going for the .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO)? Look at Jeff Cooper’s original Scout Rifle concepts. .308 baby.  Yeah, I really like the Scout concept.

4 thoughts on “.308 Winchester

  1. At first I thought you were talking about me until the conventions were mentioned.

    I have nothing against the .308, I just think the .30-06 does everything the .308 does (if you are a handloader) plus it lets you shoot heavier loads.

    I think given where we live, and the game around here, it’s hard to find a fault with the .308. Heck, people take Elk and Moose with it, it’ll surely handle hogs, white tails, and the occasional mulie.

    • Nope, wasn’t you…. tho you do razz me a bit on it. 🙂

      But yes you’re right that .30-06 can do and a little more… more versatile. I’m sure if I had a Garand instead of the M1A and thus a stockpile of .30-06 that I’d have done a similar sort of “translation” in rifles.

      .308 does fine tho. After seeing what that Barnes bullet did to those hogs, oh yeah, it’s good enough. Just gotta know the capabilities of the bullet, of the load, of the caliber and cartridge and color within the lines. And of course, I gotta do my part.

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