June 2009 Rangemaster Newsletter

The June 2009 Rangemaster Newsletter is available.

Not only a nice write-up of the 2009 Polite Society Conference, but of great use to all is an article explaining how to read targets to spot and correct errors. For instance, if hits are at 6 o’clock, it’s usually due to anticipation; hits at 3 or 9 o’clock is usually from sideways pressure on the gun (typically due to the trigger finger); 5 or 7, trigger jerking/slapping; hits at 12, looking over the sights at the target; scattered hits, lack of consistency in shooting fundamentals. Read the article for further details.

4 thoughts on “June 2009 Rangemaster Newsletter

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  2. i think i have it then i dont my shots are all over the place i ned help i failed the police academy once, i haveto do it over again and trying to get some guidance on how to get better or fix whatever problem there is im having.. reading this over and over again.

    hopefully this helps gonna go pratice to see.

    • I would also recommend finding a good instructor in your area. If you live near Memphis, Rangemaster is certainly one of the best schools and could help you out. While reading and practice is certainly good, nothing beats an instructor that can watch you can see what you’re doing and offer correction and technique improvement.

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