Orange cat update

The Orange cat… he’s not doing well.

The diet change did seem to help him. The jury is still out on lymphoma. But what we really noticed was that a few days after Iggy died, Orange cat changed.

You see, those two cats had bonded. No they didn’t have to be around each other 24/7, but certainly a day did not go by when they didn’t clean each other or play some. We cannot say for sure if the lack of Iggy is affecting the Orange one, but certainly his change happened shortly after it was quite clear she wasn’t around any more.

What’s changed? His attitude. He got very picky about eating, and when he would eat he’d only eat a small portion. Then when we thought we knew he liked this food, a day later he wouldn’t touch it again. We started to feed him all the human food we could that we knew he liked: canned salmon, canned tuna, chicken, turkey, whatever. He might eat a nibble, but now…. well, now he doesn’t eat anything. In fact, all he does now is lie around. Not like a “I’m a lazy cat” lying around, more of a “I have no energy, I have no motivation” sort of thing. When I’ve gotten down on the floor with him and looked at him, I almost wonder if I could poke him in the eye and if he’d care. It’s troublesome.

He might get up and walk around, but it’s just to move somewhere else to lie back down. When he lies down, he doesn’t respond to much. Normally we could call his name and he’d raise his head or twitch his tail. Now? Nothing. He doesn’t want to drink, doesn’t want to eat; put the bowls right in front of his face, nothing. About a week ago we bought a harness and leash to bring him outside, and he did enjoy that… even caught him stalking a bird! But now, he doesn’t care. We’ll take him out, set him down, he just lies down. This morning the grass was wet, normally he avoids anything wet. He didn’t care. He doesn’t clean himself either, that we’ve seen. Even when being carried, he used to ensure that his legs were all cradled up… now if they dangle loose, he doesn’t care. We even have noticed he might get up to walk, he’ll stumble.

Last night Wife used a syringe and forced some water and some “cat milk” (a milk product that is supposedly cat-friendly) down him. He seemed a bit perked up this morning, at least he was holding his head up for a bit. Later today Wife is going to buy some of that “kitten formula” to syringe down him to see if that does any good.

I’ve done some online research into this. It could be any number of reasons for his behavior, and things like possible lymphoma or just mourning Iggy could potentially be reasons. We just don’t know. Maybe tomorrow we’ll call the vet.

Bottom line: Him is dying, slowly. It’s tearing Wife up. 😦

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